About Grace’s Way

grace  (greys) noun:

elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action; a pleasing or attractive quality; favor or goodwill; mercy

Hi! I’m Megan Radford de Barrientos, and I’m so glad you’re here. Whether you are new to ethical living, or just looking for tips to make small positive changes, I hope sharing my journey helps you with yours. 

We all like our “guilty pleasures”- but what if they didn’t have to make us feel guilty anymore? What if they were agents of change?

Our vision is that in our search for beauty and grace, our consumer choices will not destroy the earth and those who live here. Instead, the pretty things we buy and wear can be a method of change in the life of our planet and our fellow human beings. You will find posts here from women all around the world who are doing incredible things to make our home a better place for everyone. 

Grace’s Way aims to be a movement of people in love with everything lovely, and dedicated to saving the world. It’s goal will be to link women and girls around the world through the things they love. It will be a platform for proving that living simply doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or hard- it simply has to be beautiful. 

Graces are women who are idealists, dreamers, and head-in-the-clouds lovers of art, music, dance, fashion, beauty, poetry, flowers and world peace. They are from everywhere, and nowhere. They are a generation of globetrotters and Instagram-posters who just want tread gracefully through life, leaving a trail of flowers and smiles, and taking nothing but pictures. 

Graces embody the song “Grace” by U2:


It’s the name for a girl

It’s also a thought that changed the world

And when she walks on the street 

You can hear the strings

Grace finds goodness in everything

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