Grace-ful Brands

Fair-trade (FT), Eco-friendly (EF), Natural (N), Ethical (E) and Sustainable (S) swoon-worthy brands, from rainbow nail-colour, to deliciously scented candles, to the perfect retro-inspired floral dress. Many of these brands began as a way to help communities around the world. We’ve put a lot of research into this list- let us know if there are some we’ve missed!

Check back on our blog to see interviews and stories from some of these grace-ful companies.


Everyday Coconut (N-E-S-FT)

Pacifica Perfume and Beauty (EF-N)

Scotch Naturals nails (EF-N)

Burt’s Bees (N-S-EF)

Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One (N-EF-S-FT)

Luminance Skin Care (E-N)

Habit Cosmetics (EF)

Shea Moisture (EF-N-FT)

Sheswai nail laquer (S-EF)

Batty’s Bath (N-E)

Lucy B (N)

Figs & Rouge (N)


The Body Shop (FT)

Mermaid Perfume (N)

Clothing & Accessories:

Mae Movement Bracelets (E-FT)

International Princess Project Punjammies (E-FT)

The Go Exchange (E-FT) – some products are also EF-S

Bibico (FT-N)

Avenle Kindred Spirits (E)

Kee Boutique (E)

Braintree (EF-S-E)

Foxy Originals Accessories (E)

Pants Stop Poverty (E-FT)

Della Los Angeles (FT-E)

Seasalt (E-S)

Puff Piece Adornments (E-S)

Tea Time with Terry (E-FT)

Emobi Swimwear (EF)

Oliberte Footwear (S-E)

Pura Vida Bracelets (E-EF)

My Green Bag (S-EF)

Sole Rebels (FT-EF)

People Tree (FT-E-S-EF-N)

Celia Grace Bridal and Accessories (FT-S-EF)

Ruby Lingerie and Accessories (E)


Seasalt (E-S)

Dreambean Candles by Bright Endeavors (N-EF-E)

Bogobrush (E-EF-S)

Ecosystem Journals (E-S-EF)

Peppermint Magazine (EF-S-E-FT)

Dilmah single origin tea (E-FT-N)

Zhena’s Tea (S-EF-N-E-FT)

Note- Classification system noted according to website claims of each brand. If you are one of the above mentioned brands and would like to connect, or if you think your brand should be mentioned on this page, please email



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