The Scent of Wanderlust

Coming up for air out of the salty sea, spices from far-away lands, a juicy pink guava for a tropical breakfast, a leafy bower of delicate lilac blossoms…


What does Wanderlust smell like to you?


Scents can trigger so many memories, and that what the brand Pacifica built itself upon. The company uses all-natural oils and essences to make their bright, beautiful perfumes. Each one if inspired by an exotic locale, and with their inexpensive price range (from $8-$20 for the perfumes), you can experience a little escape whether you are in an office or at the beach! I have been a fan for about five years now, and I wanted to share some of my favourite scents with you, and why I love them.


Beachy: The scent I generally associate with the beach and summer is coconut. But, while they do have a coconut scent, my favourite beachy Pacifica perfume (and my all-time favourite from the line) is Malibu Lemon Blossom. It has notes of salty air, lemon, and the flower angelica. As soon as I smelled it, I was transported to my favourite place in the world- the Phare beach in Dakar, Senegal, a place where I have so many special memories. I’ve been going on a few excursions to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and I bring it along in my beach bag every time.

Pacifica MLB

Fruity: Hawaiian Ruby Guava is a favourite of both my Mom and my sister, Emma. Neither of them are too into perfume, and this deliciously ripe, citrusy-sweet scent is perfect for them. It was one of the first Pacifica scents I fell in love with, in the form of a candle.


Floral: If you are a fan of the cult-favourite Kai perfume oil, but don’t want to shell out $48 for a tiny rollerball, I would give the lush florals Waikiki Pikake and Tahitian Gardenia a try. Similar to Kai, both of these scents are pure, exotic white flowers. Waikiki Pikake is my favourite of the two. It was inspired by a Hawaiian princess, and is simply magical.


Personally, I am on a subtle, delicate flower kick right now. French Lilac is definitely next on my to-buy list. It smells like soft spring blossoms, and reminds me of springtime walks in Canada, and the green hills of Grasse in France. I have a candle in the fragrance, and I keep it in my pajama drawer. It really adds such a beautiful scent to my sleepwear, so I can drift off to dreamland in peace.

The lovely Pacifica French Lilac candle in action


Spicy: Tibetan Mountain Temple is my cold-weather favourite. It smells like warm spices in a sandalwood base, but the orange zest keeps it from being overpowering. This is a cuddly fragrance for fall days and winter nights. It’s also kind of unisex, and I bet it would smell just as great on a guy as it does on me.


Sweet: Island Vanilla is such a unique vanilla for me. It’s not overly sweet, but it’s also not deep, like some vanilla fragrances. It falls somewhere between, and manages to have a refreshing tone to it. I love putting this in the ends of my hair. The oils and coconut wax smooth split ends, and I get whiffs of the scent when I turn my head.

With summer beginning here in Egypt, I’ve also been really craving coconut scents. If you’re on the same page, I think Indian Coconut Nectar would hit the spot. It’s a milky, light , sweet coconut scent is simply divine.


Pacifica scents are made to be layered, so you can create your own signature fragrance, or wear the perfectly blended versions on their own. They carry natural body care products and home fragrance products in their scents. Pacifica has also branched out into skincare and cosmetics, and just released a line of 7-chemical free nail polish! Hopefully I, or one of my Grace’s Way partners, can test out those soon.


Pacifica products can be found in Whole Foods in Canada, the US, and the UK, as well as various other natural stores. If you want to shop online, go directly to their website!


If you’ve tried anything else from their line, let me know! I am always looking to expand my Pacifica arsenal, and I’d love some enabling. Happy scented travels.


gracefully yours,




In My Dreams- A Wishlist

Graces Way In My Dreams Wishlist


For me, Pinterest is all about dreaming. Whether it’s a make-you-think quote, an interesting DIY, or a magical pair of shoes, I can spend hours finding inspiration in the pretty pictures. My birthday is in a few days, and since it’s a time when no one can tell me not to put my head in the clouds, I’ve put my In-My-Dreams Wishlist on the Grace’s Way Pinterest.

Here are some lovely things I am swooning for. Starting from the middle and then going clockwise from the top, we have:


Puff Piece Adornments Petal Flower Crown– $18

Designer Krystin not only makes these works of art incorporating upcycled materials, but she is also just a lovely person. Her hand-made crowns are sold on Avenle and Etsy. Plus, her prices are so incredibly reasonable for such fairy-tale items.


Mae Movement Roller Girl Set- $36

If you haven’t read our tell-all interview with Mae Movement founder Haley, click here! Her bracelets give women in Nepal a wage three times that of the average salary in their country. They also give them a way to stay out of the sex slave trade. Oh, and they are bright, fun, and adorable pieces! The pastel greens and corals in this set were basically mae-d for me!


One Love Organics Travel Set– $50

I have heard such great things about this brand, especially from Ashley of makeupTIA. Their products are pretty expensive by my standards, but very special. This travel pack comes in a cute little bag that says Love in pink letters. I think it would be a great way to see what all the fuss is about.


Mermaid Shampoo and Conditioner– $60 for the set

I’ve been looking for a new natural shampoo and conditioner. This is it. Coconut and orange blossom scented and sulfate-free, I want these to be my new best friends. Basically a dream in two bottles.


A ticket to a Staves concert– $?

This one fits into the lifestyle category. I have been loving the Staves for a couple months now, ever since I asked a friend in the music production business to recommend some musicians similar to Scarlett O’Connor on my current favourite show, Nashville.

The Staves are three sisters with hauntingly beautiful voices and melodies, and lyrics just as poetic as their sound. I would love to see them in concert one day!


Della LA Travel Bag– $24

Can you tell I have a thing for cute little travel bags? I am always traveling, so I can justify the many I already have. They are just so helpful for organizing the bits and bobs I bring with me. This pretty purple zip-up case was handmade by artisans in Ghana by super-chic up and coming fair trade brand Della. The lilac and aqua tie-die is one of my favourite colour combinations.


Sole Rebels tooTOOs– $65

This brand makes fair-trade, eco-friendly footwear. I am loving their adorable tooTOOs style- a fabric ballet flat. I’m not ashamed to admit that I want every colour, but I’m kind of on a lavender kick, and the light purple ones are calling my name. Then again, the grey ones look really practical…hmm…


Mermaid Perfume No. 1– $50 for the perfume spray, $25 for the mini oil rollerball

I definitely don’t need another perfume, but…just the name makes me want to close my eyes and dive under salty waves. From the makers of Mermaid Hair, Mermaid No. 1 is an orange blossom scent that so many lovely ladies have raved about. Meghan from Briar Rose Blog wore it on her wedding day.

Sarah from Vintage Magpies pranced in a field wearing a breathtaking cobalt dress with it in tow.

I already love it for it’s all-natural ingredients, mystery, and lovely aesthetic, but the scent of orange blossoms is also special to me for its presence in the picture-perfect town of Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. After climbing to the top of the hill, there is a little café where you can drink orange juice under the blooming orange trees. The town, with it’s white buildings and blue doors, coastal views, and laid-back atmosphere, was my very favourite place in Tunisia. I would love to have a perfume to remember it by.


RMS “Un” cover up– $36

RMS has been on my radar for a number of years. Recently I’ve been thinking I need to switch out the toxic, chemical-ridden stuff in my makeup bag with more natural fare. I have allergies around my eye area, and I have to be so careful with concealers and foundation. This one really intrigues me because it is meant to enhance your skin, not totally cover up- something I was never a big fan of with foundation anyway. It’s packed with lovely ingredients like coconut oil, which my dry skin definitely needs.


She And Reverie Mermaid Skirt– $148

Have I mentioned that I love mermaids? This gorgeous skirt by hand-made loungewear company She And Reverie is made of softest cotton and printed with beautiful mermaids and roses in pink, blue and aqua.


The Grace's Way Pinterest Board
The Grace’s Way Pinterest Board

Whew! I thought this was just going to be a few, but when I sat down and thought about it, there are so many lovely things I’ve been checking out lately. For more details on where to buy them, click through to my wishlist Pinterest board! Some of these are a little pricey, but hey, I get one blow-out-my-candles wish right? Now which should I choose…


Grace flower

Let me know what’s on your wishlist in the comments below, or with the hashtag #gracesway on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram! Happy pinning 🙂

gracefully yours,